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  We  are a Media, Advertising & Marketing company that specialized in printing buntings and banners. Our services include printing customized bunting and banner, installing bunting on lamp post, and apply bunting license (bunting license including DBKL, MBPJ, MPSA, MBSA, MPSJ, MPAJ, MPKJ, MPK and MPS) in Malaysia

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Printing Bunting and Banner:
Do you want to boost up your company sales?

Do you want to optimize your advertisement with lower cost?

We have the solutions!!! We can offer you the best deal in Klang Valley now, and Banner Bunting Printing has never been more cost-effective!!!

Offset Printing & Print Advertising

We provide the following bunting and banner services:

1) printing bunting

2) printing banner

3) printing bunting with x-stand set

4) printing bunting with t-stand set

5) printing bunting with roll-up stand set

6) lamp post bunting installation

7) bunting license application

8) Roll Up Bunting

Poster Printing & Print Advertisement

What Banner Print and Sizes:

Banner is a long strip of tarpaulin printed material in HORIZONTAL dimension used for advertising.

Usually banner used to be installed in front of the retail shop for advertising marketing purpose. Normally the banner size depending on the size of the retail shop.

Normal printing banner size ranged from:
3 x 18 feet to 4 x 22 feet  

* Customized Banner Printing size available here. 

Printing banner material available is tarpaulin and synthetic.

We provide banner printing for exhibition banner, retail shops advertisement, roadside banner, birthday banners, wedding banner, party banner, event banners and more.

If you do not know the banner size in inch/feet for printing, please use following converter:

Enter the Centimeters (cm) value that you wish to convert into Inches (") at below column:

Centimeters to Inches (cm to inches) provided by

What is the Bunting Size for Printing:

Bunting is a long strip of either Tarpaulin or Synthetic printed material in VERTICAL dimension used for advertising.

Usually bunting comes in 2 forms of printing:

1) Indoor high resolution print for bunting (1,200dpi)

2) Outdoor low resolution print for bunting (720dpi)

Standard size for Bunting Printing: 2 x 6 feet

* Customized Bunting Printing size is available here

Usage for Indoor Bunting Print:

Indoor Bunting Print is high quality printing by 1,200dpi resolution for Bunting. 

The graphic, images and colors of Indoor Bunting Print is more vivid and attractive.

Printing Indoor Bunting come in 2 types of finishing:
Gloss Lamination or Matt Lamination (up to your choice)

Indoor Bunting Print usually come in different display set. Bunting Stands which available are: 
- X-stand Bunting
- T-stand Bunting
- Roll Up stand Bunting

 *Please call in for the quotation for each type of display set.

Usage for Outdoor Bunting Print:

Outdoor Bunting Print is lower quality printing by 720dpi resolution for Bunting.

The graphic, images and colors might not be as clear as 1,200dpi. Yet once the outdoor bunting being installed on the lamp post or higher location, the graphic and wording can be read clearer from a distant.

Outdoor Bunting massively being used for printing bunting for lamp post installation.

Standard size for printing lamp post bunting: 2 x 6 feet 

* Customized Printing Bunting size is available here

Why Printing Bunting is a popular Mass Advertising Marketing Method?

The answer is Simple! 

It is because printing bunting is a very COST-EFFECTIVE method with VERY HIGH RESPONSE to your business!

 Printing Bunting cost can be as low as 

RM 1/sq feet*

We provide bunting printing for exhibition, lamp post bunting, birthday bunting, wedding bunting, party bunting, event bunting and more.

* Terms and conditions apply

Bunting License Application available throughout Malaysia

We have years of experience in license application for the whole Klang Valley.

1) DBKL (Kuala Lumpur)

2) MBPJ (Petaling Jaya)

3) MPAJ (Ampang Jaya)

4) MPSJ (Subang Jaya)

5) MBSA (Shah Alam)

6) MPKJ (Kajang)

7) MPK (Klang)

8) MPS (Selayang)

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